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Welcome to Biomedical Sciences Department

Biomedical Sciences department has 4 units namely Foundation, Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology.

Foundation Unit

Foundation Programme

Previously known as Premedical Science

It Is an intensive 1-year program

Acts as a recruitment base for most undergraduate programmes at the CoM

Subjects: Mathematics, Language and Communications, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and ICT

Mode of Assessment

Continuous Assessment: 40% (Mid semester Exams, tests, quizzes Etc.)

End of Semester: 60% (End of Semester Examinations)

End of Year: Combined grade calculated as 50% of Each Semester

End of Year Pass Mark: 50%

Failure Consequences

More than 3 subjects – Withdrawn

1 – 2 subjects – Supplementary

3 subjects – Supplementary (if Av = 45% and above) or Withdrawn (if Av is less than 45%)

NOTE: Students are NOT allowed to REPEAT in Foundation Year unless Advised by Central Registry.