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Physiology staff

Dr. Mwapatsa Mipando, PhD
Principal, College of Medicine

Dr. Mipando’s research interest

Research and development of traditional medicines of Malawi, with a main focus on Cardiovascular effects, of traditional medicine using; conscious animals, anaesthetized animals, and isolated tissues.
Cell and Molecular biology
Medical education and curriculum development

Assoc Prof. Fanuel Lampiao, PhD
Assoc. Prof Lampiao’s research interests


Influence of herbal extracts on male reproductive system
Pathophysiology of reactive oxygen species in human spermatozoa function






Dr. Joseph Chisaka

Assistant Lecturer

Dr. Chisaka’s research interests are in Pain and Palliative medicine
Herbal medicines and non-communicable diseases





Mayeso Gwedela
Assistant Lecturer
Ms Gwedela’s research interests
Effects of herbal medicines on epilepsy
Anticonvulsant activity of medicinal plants for epilepsy using zebrafish as a model





Mike Nkhoma
Assistant Lecturer
Dr. Nkhoma’s research interests are in Human reproductive physiology and herbal medicines






Tuntufye Mwambyale
Assistant Lecturer

Ms Mwambyale’s research interests
Herbal medicines and non-communicable diseases
Influence of herbal extracts on respiratory physiology using conscious animals and anaesthetized animals




Dr. Kondwani Katundu

Lecturer in Physiology
PhD fellow – St Andrews University, UK

Alma Mater: University of Malawi ;College of Medicine, University of Cape Town – South Africa, University of California Davis, United States of America

Dr. Katundu’s research interests
The role of nutrition in health and disease conditions
Investigating the influence of plasma fatty acids on zinc dynamics and blood clotting; Investigating fermentation of resistant starch by colonic microbiota from infants pre and early weaning in low-income countries.

Michael Mbewe
Laboratory Assistant