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Pharmacy teaching

Pharmacy education starts with basic medical sciences, ranging from laboratory subjects to studies of human behaviour. The early courses are studied with students from other  programmes in the college, including medicine and physiotherapy, but then in the later parts of the course the subjects become more specialised before we rejoin medical students on the wards of Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in the final year.

A new Masters degree in Herbal Medicines and Phytochemistry is being proposed.





         Dispensing at QECH

Pharmacy year 1

Pharmacy – An Introduction                                                              The BPharm curriculum (pdf) is here


The Principal addresses the celebrations.



Community Health – Principles of Epidemiology & Statistics

Community Health – An introduction


Pharmaceutical Calculations

Introduction to Pathology

Pharmacy Year 2

Pharmaceutics I

Pharmaceutical Chemistry I

Pharmacology (Gut, lungs and cardiovascular systems)


Pharmacy Year 3

Pharmaceutics II

Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Analysis and chromatography)

Pharmacology (Antimicrobials and nervous system drugs)

Pharmacy Practice I

Pharmacy Law

Drug and Medical Supplies Management I

Research in Practice I

Clinical Pharmacy introduction


Pharmacy Year 4

 Biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics

Clinical Pharmacy

Pharmacology (Endocrinology)

Pharmacy Practice II


Drug and Medical Supplies Management II

Medicinal Chemistry (Synthesis and drug action)


Research in Practice (Project)

Each year, the 4th year BPharm students will carry out practical assignments at Central Medical Stores South. These assignments are part of the course  Drug & Medical Supplies Management and provide practical experience in applying Good Storage Practice and Good Distribution Practice guidelines.

Other assignments occur in community pharmacies, in industry and in the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where final year students join medical teams for ward rounds as well as studying with our own clinical pharmacy teachers.

Second year students enjoying being at the National Herbarium in Zomba.