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National Pharmacovigilance Centre of Malawi

The Pharmacy Department has worked with the Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons Board (PMPB) for the establishment of a national pharmacovigilance centre of Malawi, housed within the College of Medicine. Reports about adverse drug reactions are gathered, evaluated and forwarded to international pharmacovigilance centres. The Head of the Pharmacy Department, Nettie Dzabala, and lecturers Frider Chimimba and John Mponda, are involved in this activity which will cover traditional African medicines as well as western pharmaceuticals.

College Library, home of the National Pharmacovigilance Centre

Training programmes are underway for clinic staff around the country on how to recognise, treat and report drug-related adverse events ranging from a temporary rash to a life- threatening collapse or a chronic liver disease.

Regular PMPB newsletters describe the current position in Malawi:

Newsletter  Malawi_November 2017

“Sincere thanks for your relentless support to improve PV in Malawi.”

Mphatso Kawaye  Acting Registrar, PMPB


November 2018. Frider Chimimber and Nettie Dzabala join WHO colleagues from Uppsala to run a workshop on adverse reaction causality assignment and signal detection.