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Department of Medical Laboratory science
University of Malawi,
College of Medicine,
P/Bag 360.
Blantyre 3.

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Medical Laboratory Science Staff


Medical laboratory sciences courses are taught by different lecturers within the college of medicine according to their field of specialization. However, the main lectures in the department of MLS include:


Mr Humphreys Malata(Current HOD)  

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Dr Elizabeth Kampira (Current Deputy HOD)

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Mr Daniel L. Banda   

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Mr Wakisa Kipandula      

Wakisa Kipandula was among the first group of students to graduate in BSc in Medical laboratory sciences at the college of medicine and later obtained Masters of Science in Medical Biochemistry at university of Nairobi, Kenya. He is currently a PhD fellow with the joint UNIMA COM-university of st-andrews (Scotland) Global health implementation program studying cell molecular biology. He has worked with the Malawi ministry of health before he joined the college of medicine as lecturer and has attended several conferences and workshops.

He is currently interested in proteomics, particularly its application in the study of novel drug targets and potential biomarkers of pathogens especially, trypanosomes and malaria parasites.

His current research involves developing and validating low cost molecular tools to investigate drug targets and biomarkers of T.blucei.

He is also involved in a study aimed at investigating genetic variations in HRP2 in p. falciparum infecting Malawians as a possible cause of variable sensitivities of current mRDTs.

Some of his research publications include;

2015-Wakisa Kipandula and Fanuel Lampiao Semen profiles of young men involved as bicycle taxi cyclists in Mangochi District, Malawi. Malawi Medical journal (Accepted for publication).

2015-Wakisa Kipandula et al. Epidemiology of Tinea Capitis among Children at a Suburban Primary School in Blantyre, Malawi. Irj.Science. Available online at:

2015-Felix Dambula and Wakisa Kipandula. The performance of dry plasma spot samples compared to the routine dry blood spot samples in the quantification of HIV-1 RNA. International journal of biochem. Pending publication.

2014-Wakisa Kipandula et al.  Prevalence of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus among in-patients at Queens central hospital. Available online at:

2014-Wakisa Kipandula et al. Antioxidants activities in extracts of indigenous vegetables from Kenya and Malawi” African journal of Biotechnology, 13 (17):1824-1834. Accessible online: DOI: 10.5897/AJB2013.13441



Mrs Pauline Katundu         

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 Mr Issack Shawa     

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Non-Teaching staff

Mr K.Kaneka

Mr F.Chitani