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Message from unit head

Welcome to Foundations Unit in the Biomedical Sciences Department (BMS). The unit is housed in the Physiology Building ground floor and seeks to prepare students with their studies at undergraduate level. It also strives to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills in a very pleasant and encouraging atmosphere. The Unit staffs are always very welcoming and ready to offer support and direction to students, parents and guests on any queries within our capacity.

We are very committed to help all of you our students in accomplishing your ambitions to achieve a brighter future in your programme of choice as you move around the prestigious corridors of College of Medicine, Blantyre main Campus. You are here today as student but later you will walk away and join the team of experts after your entire four (4) or five (5) years of a stunning academic experience. We are glad for making College of Medicine your institution of choice and to our perspective students, you are always welcome and please visit College website for any information on enrollment requirements, eligibility and many more.

As a Unit, we gladly wish you all the best as you build a better bright future and become a member of the team of Experts at National Level and across the Globe. Please remember to share with friends your academic experience with us.

Aeron M.A. Nahuku