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Department of Medical Laboratory science
University of Malawi,
College of Medicine,
P/Bag 360.
Blantyre 3.

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Medical Laboratory Science teaching

MLS Year 1.

  • MLS 101-General Biochemistry
  • MLS 102-Anatomy and physiology
  • MLS 103-Medical Genetics
  • MLS 104-Introduction to Medical laboratory sciences
  • MLS 105-Introduction to Medical Microbiology
  • MLS 106-Introduction to Medical Biostatistics

MLS Year 2.

  • MLS 201-Medical Microbiology
  • MLS 202-Haematology
  • MLS 203-Clinical Chemistry
  • MLS 204-Immunohaematology and Blood Transfusion Science
  • MLS 205-Research Methods
  • MLS 206-General Pathology and Histology Techniques

MLS Year 3. (Hospitals/Research institutions attachments)

  • MLS 381-Medical Microbiology Laboratory practicum
  • MLS 382-Haematology Laboratory practicum
  • MLS 383-Clinical chemistry Laboratory practicum
  • MLS 384-Blood Bank and Blood Transfusion science practicum
  • MLS 385-Serology/Immunology/Molecular Diagnostics practicum

MLS Year 4

  • MLS 401-Medical Laboratory Management
  • MLS 402-Medical Laboratory Education
  • MLS 403-Medical Laboratory Ethics
  • MLS 404-Molecular Diagnostics
  • MLS 405-Laboratory Medicine case series and seminars
  • MLS 406-Public health
  • MLS 450-Research Projects
  • MLS 480-District Hospitals Laboratory practicum