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Foundation Unit staff

Mr. Aeron M.A. Nahuku
Head of Section–Foundations
Coordinator in Physics
Research Interest: Radiation Protection, Nuclear Waste Management.





Dr. Benjamin Kumwenda, PhD
Head of Department, BMS
Senior Lecturer, Bioinformatics & ICT
Post-Doctoral Fellow, African Academy of Sciences (AESA-RISE)

Research Interest: Bioinformatics and Health informatics





Mr. Peter Kamzimbi
Ass. Lecturer and Coordinator in Language and Communication








Mrs. Joyce K. Gondwe
Dean of Students and Lecturer in Mathematics








Ms. Yankho Chapeta
Administrator-MSc. Bioinformatics
Ass. Lecturer and Coordinator in Biology
Research Interest: Epidemiology of infectious diseases with focus on Malaria Prevention





Mr. Alinune Musopole
Lecturer and Coordinator in Mathematics and Statistics

Alma Mater : University of Malawi, Polytechnic , Africa Institute for Mathematical Sciences -South Africa ,University of Glasgow – Scotland

Research Interest: Functional Data analysis, Before and After-Control Impact Designs


Publications :

Musopole, A. (2016), Investigating Temporal Patterns and Spatial Correlation in RSI, Scholars’ Press, Saarbrucken, ISBN:978-3-659-84342-6

Peer Reviewed Publications :

Musopole, A. (2016), Analysing Periodicity in Remote Sensing Images for Lake Malawi, Journal of Climatology & Weather Forecasting, 4: 154. doi:10.4172/2332-2594.1000154

Musopole, A. (2016), Functional Clustering of Particulate Matter Less than 10 Microns: a Case of Africa, Journal of Pollution Effects & Control, 4: 170. doi: 10.4172/2375-4397.1000170 .


Dr. Victor Ndhlovu, PhD
Lecturer in Biology and Microbiology
Chairperson, BMS Examinations Board







Moses Kacheto
Laboratory Technician, Foundations Unit







Moses Thomas
Assistant Lecturer, Mathematics