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Duration and structure of the programme

  1. The programme is an Intensive Programme and runs for ONE year (Two Semesters) and after successful completion of the programme, students proceed to first year (Year 1) of the undergraduate programmes in Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery; Bachelor of Pharmacy; Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences; and Bachelor of Physiotherapy. The yet to be introduced Bachelor of Biomedical Science Programme, students will also be incorporated in the same year where they will gain their solid foundations in sciences as their first year and later proceed to second year of their studies.
  2. The Academic year normally starts in AUGUST and end in MAY.
  3. Teaching mode is through Lectures, Tutorials, Discussion and Practical Sessions
  4. Students who Pass at the end of the year are eligible to proceed to year one of the College Programme as Prescribed during admission. (i.e. MBBS, BPharm, BMLT and BSc. PT)
  5. All subjects are examined at the end of each Semester and the following mode of Assessment applies in all courses offered at this level

Mode of Assessment

Continuous Assessment : 40% (Mid semester Exams, tests, quiz, Lab reports,
End of Semester : 60% (End of Semester Examinations)
End of Year : Combined grade calculated as 50% of Each Semester
End of Year Pass Mark : 50%

NOTE : Students are NOT allowed to REPEAT in Foundation Year unless Advised by Central Registry office