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DAAD exchange programme

In 2017, Professor Heide was instrumental in arranging a Collaboration Programme funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, DAAD):

Capacity Building in pharmaceutical education:

A partnership of University of Tübingen and University of Malawi.

The University of Malawi is partnered with Pharmaceutical Institute, Eberhard Karls-University, Tübingen in a project to strengthen pharmaceutical education in Malawi by advancing the B.Pharm. curriculum and establishing a new M.Sc. (Pharm) curriculum,  and at the same time to strengthen the University of Tübingen course “Pharmacy in Development Cooperation and Disaster Relief”. Networks will also be established with further partners.

The Co-operation will fund:

  • Meetings for the further development of the B. Pharmacy  curriculum

    Daniel Maennle teaching a  class with the microscopes provided by DAAD

    and for the development and implementation of an M. Pharmacy curriculum.

  • Development and implementation of selected teaching modules with specific relevance for the present pharmaceutical challenges in Malawi.
  • Further development of the course “Pharmacy in Development Cooperation and Disaster Relief” at the University of Tübingen, and involvement of Malawian lecturers.
  • Supporting the career development of young scientists by staff exchanges in 2017 to 2020.
  • Exchange of pharmacy students in 2017 to 2020.
  • Four project workshops in the years 2017 to 2020.

Exchanges with Germany (2017-2019)

Four undergraduates departed in October for a 3-week visit to Germany where they took part in classes on pharmacy in developing countries and had a comprehensive view of German pharmacy.

Philip, Mwai, Joe and Moirah in Tuebingen

Mrs Nhomsai Hagen came to work on a project with Felix Khuluza to check on the stability of obstetric medicines in Malawi and she collected samples in collaboration with our own final-year research students on two visits.

In November 2017, we had a 5-week visit from Daniel Maennle to  set-up a new microscopy facility for our pharmacognosy lab, and teach our undergraduate classes. he returned in 2018 for a workshop on herbal medicines.

Student Julia Gabel spent 5 months in Malawi, sharing classes with our 4th year and assisting with research and conferences. See her report.

Annely, Wanda, Lina, Robin and Linda with David Scott at Cape Maclear.

Technician Happy Nyirongo spent one month in Tuebingen to learn  advanced laboratory management.

Five undergraduates from Tuebingen joined Malawian undergraduates for a month  in 2018 to collect data for research projects. You read their report in English.

All these exchanges, and the purchase of microscopes, and other laboratory equipment have been funded by the DAAD scheme.

Welcoming the scheme, Mrs Nettie Dzabala, Head of Department, said:

“This wonderful scheme is the first  student exchange programme in pharmacy and is in  line with the FIP programme for developing  global  pharmacy education. It is one step towards  enabling our students to function on the world  stage.”

In January 2019, Dr Henning Hintzsche came to Blantyre to conduct workshops in toxicology for fourth year students. He brought experience from the Julius Maximilians University in Wurzburg and the Bavarian Food and Health Standards agency and conducted a seminar for the BMSHP faculty on research into DNA toxicity from electromagnetic radiation (mobile phones, scanners) and vinca alkaloids. He discussed regulatory approaches to toxicology in food and medicines.