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Career prospects for Medical Laboratory Science graduate


Job Opportunities

Upon the successful completion of the five-year degree programme, students obtain registration with the Medical council of Malawi after the completion of a one-year internship in a recognized and accredited hospital. This registration enables them to take up careers in Medical Laboratory Sciences as Medical Laboratory Scientists, in government and private hospitals, research institutions, academic institutions, private/NGO establishments, quality control units and so many more.

The graduates may have job opportunities as medical laboratory scientists/ managers, research scientists, teachers in institutions of higher learning or they can become employers of labour, by establishing their own diagnostic or research laboratories. It is part of their professional ethos to ensure quality and uphold accountability in practice.

Working in a medical or research laboratory could be an excellent career option if you are interested in a medical job that does not require direct patient contact. For those whose interests are more in the science and technology aspect of the medicine and research, medical laboratory training may be the right one for you!  Above all, if you have the passion to care for people and save lives, a career as a laboratory scientist can bring that job satisfaction.

Long term prospects of medical laboratory science include laboratory management, research and teaching.